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Canine Laser Therapy in Orlando

There are few things harder for a pet owner than seeing your beloved little pal in pain. Whether you have recently adopted a new dog and have noticed signs of pain, or you’ve had your dog for many years and some health issues have been popping up lately, it’s worth considering laser therapy as an advanced option for chronic disease management.

Of course, we understand that some dog owners might be hesitant to turn to something like laser therapy because it sounds painful and out of the ordinary, so, we’d like to use this page to explain some of the basics about this option. Once you know more about pet laser therapy and what it has to offer, we think you’ll be excited for the future that it can open up for you and your pet. If you still have any questions, or if you’d like to get started with your pet’s first appointment, feel free to reach out today.

What is Laser Therapy for Dogs?

The use of lasers to improve health – in both humans and in dogs – is not particularly new.  The advance in laser treatment comes in the form of the use of relatively low-level lasers to stimulate tissues without doing damage as could occur with more powerful laser applications.

In a standard therapy session, laser therapy emerges as a remarkable tool with a potent influence on the overall health of the dog. This highly effective treatment requires only approximately 15 minutes per session, thereby facilitating the incorporation of complementary treatments to optimize the overall outcome.

Orlando Based Treatment for a Variety of Dog Pain Issues

One of the great things about laser treatment, and one of the reasons we are so excited to include it in our list of services, is the varied issues that it can help to address. We hate to see dogs in pain and not living up to their full potential, and quality laser treatment is an excellent way to improve their overall wellness and the way they can interact with you as an owner and with other people and pets.

Laser therapy can address both acute and chronic conditions, including some of the most common issues to effect canines. That list includes things like hip dysplasia, tendonitis, arthritis, allergies, CCL Tears, IVDD, and more. Also, for a dog that has recently undergone surgery, laser treatment can be an excellent addition to the canine rehab protocol that is designed to get your pet back up to full strength as soon as possible.

Why choose us?

So, why would you pick Happy Paws Rehab for your pet’s laser treatment in and around the Orlando area? We offer many benefits, including the following:

  • Mobile service. Our clients love the convenience that we deliver, as our services come to you as a pet owner. When you make an appointment with us, you can count on the fact that we’ll arrive on time at your home to provide your dog with the loving, attentive care that he or she deserves.
  • Range of services. In addition to laser therapy, Happy Paws Rehab is also proud to offer other treatment options such as personalized exercise programs, manual therapies, electrical stimulation, and more. You’ll be able to work with us to address a range of health issues and help your furry friend live the best possible life.
  • Teamwork. We aim to maintain open communication with your dog’s veterinarian, and we always require a vet referral, so we can provide the best possible care for each and every animal.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is Laser Therapy Painful?
A: No, laser treatment for dogs is not painful. Your pet should remain completely comfortable during the treatment process, the duration of which will depend on what is being accomplished with the session. It is important to work with an experienced and respected provider like Happy Paws Rehab to make sure quality equipment is used and the right techniques are applied to get great results while your dog is kept comfortable.

Q: How is Laser Treatment Performed?
A: This is a rather simple and straightforward treatment when offered by a trained professional with the right equipment. The laser tool will be moved over the target area on the dog, and your pet may actually find it quite enjoyable and relaxing while in progress. Because the type of laser that Happy Paws Rehab uses is a cold laser, there are minimal safety concerns.

Q: Does It Take a Long Time to See Results?
A: No! In fact, your pet may begin to feel better the same day as the treatment. With that said, depending on what type of condition is being treated, and the severity of that condition, it may take longer to see results start to surface. Also, a series of treatments repeated at specific intervals may be required to get the best possible results out of this type of care.

Q: Is There Any Recovery Time After Laser Treatment?
A: No – your dog will be able to go right back to life as usual once the treatment is complete. Since sedation is rarely needed for laser therapy, your dog won’t have to shake off any after-effects and may be feeling better immediately thanks to what the laser is able to offer.