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Services We Offer


Laser therapy to help promote healing and decrease pain and inflammation.  It can also be used for wound care!

Electrical stimulation for improving muscle activation and managing pain.

Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy, or PEMF therapy, to decrease Inflammation, increase circulation, reduce pain and accelerate healing.

Dog Training

Individualized Exercises

Your therapist will design a personalized exercise program for your pet, consisting of strengthening, stretching, and balance exercises, to work towards achieving your goals.  An easy to use online home exercise program will be issued to you by your therapist and updated appropriately.

Dog Pet

Manual Therapies

Joint mobilizations to improve joint mobility and decrease pain.

Soft tissue mobilization, trigger point and myofascial release to decrease trigger points and areas of high tone.

Now Offering Wheelchair Fittings and Assessments!

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