Preventing and Managing Summer Injuries in Active Dogs | Happy Paws Rehab

Preventing and Managing Summer Injuries in Active Dogs | Happy Paws Rehab

Summer is a season of outdoor activities and vigorous play, but it also presents unique challenges for our canine companions. Active dogs are more susceptible to common summer problems including paw pad burns, scrapes, and sprains. Ensuring your dog's safety during these exciting months is critical. At Happy Paws Rehab, our rehabilitation specialists are committed to assisting you in preventing and managing these injuries, allowing your dog to enjoy the summer safely and healthily.

Paw pad burns are among the most prevalent summer injuries. Hot tarmac, sand, and even metal surfaces can cause severe burns on a dog's delicate paw pads. To avoid these unpleasant injuries, examine surfaces before walking your dog. Place the back of your hand on the ground; if it is too hot for you, it will be too hot for your dog. Walking during cooler times of day, such as early morning or late evening, can also assist to keep surfaces from being too hot. If your dog has a paw pad burn, schedule a visit with your primary vet. At Happy Paws Rehab, our rehab specialists can provide relaxing treatments and therapeutic modalities to help the wound recover.

Cuts and abrasions are another common problem for active dogs throughout the summer. Sharp items hiding in grass or sand, shattered glass, and rough terrain can all result in injury. Regularly examining your dog's play places and keeping them free of waste will help lessen the chance of injuries. If your dog sustains a cut, contact your primary vet for assistance. Happy Paws Rehab offers adjunct treatment to assist in wound healing, which includes laser therapy.

Sprains and strains are common side effects of dogs' favorite summer pastimes, such as running, jumping, and playing. Uneven ground, sharp twists, or slides can all result in painful injuries. Preventing these injuries requires careful supervision and encouraging your dog to warm up before engaging in strenuous activity. If your dog suffers from a sprain or strain, the first line of therapy is rest and ice. Happy Paws Rehab's rehabilitation specialists can create a customized rehabilitation program for your dog that includes gentle workouts and therapies to help him regain strength and mobility.

Rehabilitation is essential for addressing summer injuries in dogs. Canine rehabilitation services, such as those given by Happy Paws Rehab, include a variety of treatments to alleviate pain, promote healing, and improve general well-being. For example, customized therapeutic exercises, stretching, balance training, and hydrotherapy* will be recommended without putting strain on their joints. This is very useful for dogs healing from sprains or strains. Laser therapy can help reduce inflammation and accelerate the healing process of cuts and burns.

Preventive care is equally vital as treatment. Regular check-ups with your primary vet and  rehabilitation specialists can help spot potential problems before they become serious. We can provide personalized advice on exercise routines, safe play practices, and the most effective ways to keep your dog cool and hydrated throughout the warmer months.

Summer should be a happy time for you and your dog, full of exciting activities and outdoor excursions. By taking proactive actions to prevent frequent injuries and utilizing the experienced services at Happy Paws Rehab, you can keep your dog healthy and active all season. Our team is ready to provide you with comprehensive care and rehabilitation services suited to your dog's specific needs, allowing them to recover quickly from any summer mishaps while maintaining their overall well-being.

Protect your dog from summer injuries and ensure a happy, active season. Contact Happy Paws Rehab today at (321) 319-4008 to learn more about our specialized rehabilitation services and how we can help your dog stay healthy and safe. Visit Happy Paws Rehab for more information and to schedule an appointment with our experienced rehab specialists.

Aquatic therapy sessions will need to be performed in the owner's pool.  Happy Paws Rehab does not have a mobile pool or underwater treadmill.