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5 Ways To Help Relieve Your Dog's Arthritis Pain

Arthritis is a painful and debilitating condition that affects millions of dogs. It can cause lameness, decreased mobility, stiffness, inflammation, and swelling. There are several treatment options available to help manage the pain and we will discuss 5 ways to help relieve your dog's arthritis pain.

Arthritis is incredibly common in dogs, especially as they age. It can be caused by degenerative joint issues or trauma-related injuries that cause pain and inflammation.

Left untreated, arthritis can lead to further health complications such as decreased mobility, difficulty with everyday actions like stairs or running, and even depression due to persistent discomfort.

The chronic pain of untreated arthritis can also have a negative effect on a dog’s quality of life.

Regularly monitoring your dog for signs of arthritis and seeking treatment from your veterinarian if necessary is an important part of ensuring good health and comfort for your pet.

Below are 5 ways to help relieve your dog's arthritis pain.

5 Ways To Help Relieve Your Dog's Arthritis Pain

1. Provide regular exercise: Exercise is essential for reducing the intensity of arthritis pain in dogs due to its metabolic and anti-inflammatory effects. Walking, swimming, and low-impact activities are ideal forms of exercise, as running or jumping can exacerbate joint pain.

2. Invest in a comfortable bed: Arthritic dogs need extra cushioning from their beds to help reduce pressure on painful joints while they rest. An orthopedic mattress with supportive foam padding will provide support and relief from aches and pains when your dog sleeps or lounges.

3. Massage: Massage is an excellent way to reduce stiffness in arthritic dogs due to its ability to improve circulation and relax tense muscles that can worsen joint pain.

4. Laser Therapy: Laser therapy treatments are an effective treatment option for arthritis such that it reduces pain, inflammation, and swelling. If your therapist determines laser therapy is an option for you, it will be included in your pet's treatment plan.

5. Canine Rehabilitation: Professional canine rehabilitation services can go a long way toward helping dogs with arthritis. The specifics of the rehabilitation program recommended for your dog will depend on the location of the arthritis issue, the age of the dog, the severity of the condition, and more. Each case is different and we’ll take the time necessary to craft a plan that is ideal for your pet.

Arthritis is a serious medical condition that affects the joints of dogs, causing them pain and discomfort. It is important to treat arthritis in dogs as soon as possible so that it does not get worse and cause more problems down the line.

Early diagnosis and treatment can help reduce joint inflammation and swelling, improve mobility, minimize pain, and slow the progression of arthritis.

Without treatment, arthritis can worsen over time leading to severe joint inflammation and damage. This can be incredibly painful for your dog and lead to long-term mobility issues.

Furthermore, untreated or inadequately treated arthritis in dogs may cause chronic pain that never goes away completely. If left unchecked for too long, it can even eventually lead to permanent lameness or disability.

How Canine Rehabilitation Helps With Arthritis

Canine rehabilitation is an important part of managing arthritis in dogs. It helps to reduce the pain and inflammation associated with this condition and can improve your pet’s quality of life.

Through a combination of stretching exercises, massage therapy, and range-of-motion activities, canine rehabilitation can help build muscle strength, restore joint flexibility and mobility, decrease pain levels, and improve overall cardiovascular health.

Additionally, canine rehabilitation can provide significant psychological benefits for affected dogs. Studies have demonstrated that it increases activity levels in arthritic pets while also decreasing stress and anxiety levels; this can be particularly beneficial for senior dogs who are reluctant to move due to their discomfort or pain associated with arthritis.

Providing positive experiences in physical activity and regular stimulation can help increase their self-confidence and encourage them to take part in daily activities that they may have been avoiding.

Are You Unsure If Your Dog Is Showing Signs Of Arthritis? Come See Us!

It can be difficult to know when your dog is struggling with pain, especially arthritis. We know that you care so much and that you just want answers on what is causing your pup pain.

So if you are unsure and you want to start the conversation on the next steps in treating their pain, make sure that you reach out to us and we can book a time to come see you! That's right, we will do the driving for you and will come to your home so you do not have to fight the traffic!

Starting the process of finding treatment for your dog is simple and with our offer of a Free Phone Consultation, we can begin to discuss the concerns that you might have about your pup and the treatment process. If you want to start that process, give us a call at (321) 319-4008.

No matter what kind of signs your dog is presenting, don’t waste any time getting in touch with your vet to explore the matter more thoroughly. And, if rehab is needed, be sure to reach out to Happy Paws Rehabilitation and Wellness right away to make your first appointment.

We look forward to helping your canine live a happy and healthy life!

-Dr. Samantha Peters

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